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Gyms In Derby

For the ultimate feel-good workout experience, our exclusive ladies’ gym in Derby is undoubtedly the place to go. At Tone Zone, we’re dedicated to helping women in the Derby area to enjoy their gym experience – and with years of experience working with the female physique, we know exactly how to get you from where you are to where you want to be, whether it’s toning up, losing weight or gaining strength and skills.
Our primary focus, as a leading fitness provider, is to make the experience personal, enjoyable, and suit your own preferences. We fully appreciate the diversity of personal exercise routines, and have organised the gym in a way in which will suit all. And so, if working out on your own, to your own goals, is something you appreciate, then our gym will certainly impress. If, on the other hand, you prefer the company of others, in a like-minded pursuit of fitness and well-being, then you’ll also find yourself at home. We also offer classes so you can train with other people.

Whilst there are a selection of Derby gyms to choose from for your training. We stand out from the crowd because we specialise in female only classes. You can visit one of our gyms and find out why. Not only will our resistance based training classes help you burn more calories it will also help you really tone up your muscle.

A Winning Formula

We’ve done extensive research into what makes a great training experience for women, so we can recreate it in our Derby fitness studio and give local Derby women the opportunity to get fit in a fun, relaxed and friendly way. You’ll only ever work out with other ladies, and whether you prefer to go it alone or exercise as part of a group, you know the people around you all share the same goals and ambitions.

Surrounded by exceptional landscapes on all sides, with views of the parkland and local historic buildings, your workout can be as invigorating or relaxing as you like, and there is always someone around if you need advice or a helping hand.

Of course, we know that the first step is always the hardest and you must be dedicated and have done everything possible to make it easier. We want the women of Derbyshire to have the opportunity to become fitter and healthier with their goals in mind, regardless of limits imposed by their lifestyle or income. That’s why our gym induction is completely free, giving you the chance to decide if our gym is the right one for you – and why we offer graduated membership packages to suit a range of budgets.

Of course, it isn’t just about money – but we’re pretty sure you’ll love all the other features that membership of our Derby gym offers. Read below for a full list of what you can expect to receive.

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Reasons To Join

Your primary reason for joining any gym should always be personal – to be dedicated and achieve your fitness goals. The reasons for choosing a specific gym should be based on whether that gym will help you on your journey and achieve the goals you are after. At Tone Zone Derby, our qualified gym and fitness instructors work tirelessly to provide an inclusive and varied experience which can suit any fitness routine – so whatever you hope to achieve, we’re sure we can help it happen. Our equipment will give you the same workout as using a swimming pool and just like a swimming pool our gyms have all the training equipment you will need for a quick and easy workout to burn through the calories.

But if you’re still not sure, here are some great reasons why joining our ladies’ gym in Derby is the first step to success:

Ladies Only

For some women, working out around men can be daunting, and can make some people very self-conscious. By offering a female-only environment, we’re ensuring no one feels awkward or embarrassed, and instead can share in the common goal of self-improvement.

High-Tech Environment

Tone Zone now boasts over 200 gym machines in the fitness studio, from bikes to rowing machines, presses to weight, so there’s something to suit every body, every muscle group and every workout style whether you like a quick or long workout session. We also offer full air-conditioning to keep you cool and refreshed, and the gym is cleaned regularly throughout the day to ensure high standards of hygiene are maintained.

Great Value Membership

We offer different levels of membership over different time frames, ranging from 6-month options through to full-year plans, allowing you to choose the plan that best suits your gym habits, lifestyle and budget – and we have plenty of special offers on throughout the year too, for both new and existing members.

Free Wi-Fi
Use our free internet access to stay connected with family and friends, update your fitness app or use your phone or music player to connect and listen to the latest tunes to keep your energy levels bouncing.

Flexible Opening Hours
Being open 24/7 allows us to offer access to everyone, regardless of personal schedules. So whether you’re an early bird, night owl, shift worker or office nine-to-fiver, you’ll always find the door open.

Free Induction
Your first visit to Tone Zone Derby is totally free – so you can really take the time to evaluate the service we offer and see if it works for you. You’ll be shown how to use the gym and the individual equipment, along with a quick exercise induction to give you chance to use the machines. We take things at your pace and listen to what you want, so we can tailor the induction to suit your needs.

Shower and Changing Facilities
Our gym at Derby has a fully kitted out changing room with secure locker storage facilities, as well as an on-site shower room so you can freshen up before and after your workout.

Personal Training
Our dedicated personal trainers are available – you can either contact a member of our team in Derby to discuss your requirements, or ask us about bringing your own personal trainers on site if you already have one.

Great Offers and Help Guides
Every member of the Tone Zone ladies’ gym Derby receives exclusive access to the online members’ area, where you can find discounted offers for both the gym machines and related services, as well as guides, tutorials and booklets on physical health and nutrition.

Get fit in our Gym in Derby

If everything you’ve read so far makes you think we’re the gym for you, then why not book an induction session (remember, it’s free!) and come take a look around? We’re open all day, every day to help you take the first step towards achieving your fitness goals. Make the most of stunning scenery and a relaxed, inclusive atmosphere. Work out with like-minded people, enjoy access at any time of day or night to suit you, and take advantage of our range of payment packages and plans and classes to make your fitness routine work for you.

Stop by our gym in Derby for the full tour at a time to suit you and find out what we’re all about – we’re certain you won’t regret it.


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