Modern Gym Equipment

Here at Tone Zone Ladies’ Gym, our aim is to make reaching your fitness goals as easy and enjoyable as possible. In order to achieve this, we’ve invested in a whole host of state-of-the-art exercise modern equipment to work on every body part and muscle group.

We pride ourselves on ensuring your workout experience is both comfortable and enjoyable without compromising on effectiveness. We want you to get the maximum physical benefit from each and every workout, so with the help of modern machine designs and equipment manufactured by the best and most reliable brands on the market, we guarantee your time spent at Tone Zone will be both exhilarating and rewarding.

A Modern State Of The Art Gym

Our passion is your success, and with over 2000 square feet of floor space, we have plenty of room for you to achieve all your fitness aims. We offer expansive areas dedicated to different types of workouts, allowing you to use multiple pieces of equipment easily and interchangeably depending on your needs at any given time. Our wish is to provide a welcoming, easy-to-use gym space that gives users the flexibility to try new things, push their boundaries and have fun. We understand that no two people work out in the same way, which is why we have organised our gym in a unique layout that can adapt to suit everybody.

Weight Loss, Endurance & Fitness

For anyone hoping to slim down, improve their stamina or simply achieve a better level of overall fitness, then cardio machines such as the treadmills and cross trainers are ideal. Working both your arms and legs simultaneously, as well as increasing your heart rate to burn more calories, these activities should be top of your list for weight loss and endurance training. All are built with modern innovation in mind, with technology to monitor every step of your progress. Likewise, we have a selection of steppers to really work those thighs, and a Stairmaster to push your body that little bit further.

State Of The Art Exercise Bikes

For those seeking a seated variation of cardio, Tone Zone offers four high-tech exercise bikes, all accessing the latest technologies to track your session and monitor your progress. With all the features you’d expect, such as variable speed and resistance, as well as heart rate monitors and a host of new features, our bikes are among the most technologically advanced on the market. If you want to experience the new era of exercise bikes, trial our gym for free.

Made For Comfort

We want everybody to be able to improve their fitness, no matter what point they start at or where they want to end up. As a result, we’ve worked hard to ensure that as much of our gym equipment as possible is adaptable to meet various needs, including extensions to suit different heights, and extensive super-soft padding to make working out comfortable. Many machines can be easily altered to suit wheelchair users, and of course, our gym trainers are on hand at all times to help you use, change and get the most out of each piece of equipment.

Presses, Weights & More

No gym would be complete without the ubiquitous yet invaluable equipment associated with most gyms – weights and presses. At Tone Zone, we have ensured that our presses and weights machines are sourced from reliable manufacturers and made from the most durable of materials, without sacrificing any comfort for users. From the chest press and shoulder press to elaborate back machines and even a unique cable cross, we have all of the gear to help you improve and maintain your form.

Our weights are designed to fit all machines and our dumbbells range in scale from 2.5kg to a maximum of 25kg, ensuring that all types of body fitness and strength can be catered for.

For those taking a more active approach, we provide punch bags, medicine balls and back racks to give you a really broad spectrum of approaches to increasing your fitness.

More Equipment

Of course, this isn’t an exhaustive list of what we offer – it’s just a taster so you know what to expect when you arrive for your free trial session. We’ve tried to offer as many different fitness options as possible to give you the best chance at achieving your goals. We also have staff on hand at every moment to help you, whether it’s with trying out a new piece of equipment, discussing a change to your regime to improve specific areas, or even putting together a diet plan to complement your workouts.

Equipment For Everyone

One of the biggest challenges facing anyone wishing to get fitter is ensuring they have the correct equipment to do it. Whilst there are always home-based alternatives, genuine gym machines that have specifically been developed to achieve a certain result will always prove more successful, on a consistent basis.

But good fitness is also about giving your body an all-round workout. You might want to get rid of the bingo wings, but by toning up your legs and stomach too you’ll be improving the fitness of your whole body, which in turn boosts the effectiveness of those bicep curls.

At Tone Zone, we’re confident that we’ve covered every need imaginable, combining all of the best equipment under a single roof with an atmosphere that’s not only motivational but also scenic as it overlooks the nearby Darley Abbey Park.

All of our equipment is regularly tested to make sure that everything is performing at optimal efficacy, giving you peace of mind whatever exercise you choose to do. And with so much choice on offer, you might discover a new exercise that works a treat, or really gets you moving. Why not join like-minded women and find out your potential?  Join us today and enjoy a free 1 day pass to trial all the equipment and rediscover the joy of exercise.

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