Gym Equipment

At Ladies Gym Derby, we have a whole host of state-of-the-art exercise equipment to cover every possible need. We pride ourselves on ensuring that your workout is as comfortable and as pleasant as possible, without sacrificing any amount of toning potential and physical performance. From some of the latest machines and press equipment, to weights manufactured by the best and most reliable of brands, we can guarantee that your time spent getting fit at Ladies Gym Derby will be exhilarating and rewarding.

A Modern State Of The Art Gym

With over [2000] square feet of space, we have expansive areas dedicated to different types of workout. We understand that no two people are the same in what they wish to achieve and how they wish to go about that achievement, and have organised our gym in a unique way that will suit everybody.

If weight loss, endurance training, or simple overall fitness is part of your priorities list, then you won’t be disappointing with our range of treadmills and cross trainers. All are built with modern innovation in mind, with technology to monitor your every step of progress. Likewise, we have a selection of steppers, and a stair master to push the body that little bit further and to maximise the potential of further muscle groups.

Our gym gives complete access to four exercise bikes – again, utilising the latest of technology to make your session more personal and to keep track of your progress. Our bikes are among the most high-tech available in the country, and there are few gyms that can boast of their presence.

Much of our equipment is made to accommodate various needs, with comfortable padding and leg extensions to work with different parts of the body. For example, we have hamstring curls to help tone and strengthen further, along with an abductor for lower body workouts, and a leg press to really concentrate on parts of the leg and lower back to really toughen some of the most important muscle groups within your body.

And, no gym would be right without some of the more common equipment. With Ladies Gym Derby, we have ensured that our presses and weights are bought from reliable manufacturers and made from the most durable of materials, without losing any comfort factor within the mix. From the chest press and shoulder press, to elaborate back machines and even a unique cable cross, we have all of the gear to help you improve and maintain your form.

Our weights are universally designed to fit all machines, and our dumbbells range in scale, from 2.5kg to a maximum of 25kg, ensuring that all types of body fitness and strength can be catered for.

Our range continues – making absolutely certain that no regime goes without the right equipment. Be it a diet plan, or a weekly exercise in which certain elements need specific toning, we have additional equipment to hone in on those areas. We have power bags with a 15kg weight limit to test your strength and become a staple part of your exercise and kit. We also house back racks, medicine balls and a punchbag – so that even the more adventurous of fitness plans can be easily catered for under the same roof. And, with a top of the range tricep machine, you can work on one of the most difficult to tone muscles within the arm.

Equipment For Everyone

It is our belief that all exercises require the correct equipment. We also believe that working in an environment where every possible part of the body can be exercised is key to making any workout successful.

At our gym, we are confident that we have covered every need imaginable, with all of the best equipment to be found under a single roof, within an atmosphere that is, not only scenic, but also motivational.

All of our equipment is regularly tested to make sure that everything is performing to an optimal standard. We believe that we have everything you could possibly ask for within any exercise regime, all professionally maintained and accessed at Ladies Gym Derby.