Pilates Derby – Take Pilates Classes In Derby

For people who are interested in Pilates, Derby based Ladies Gym at Darley Abbey provides a home for all manner of different workouts, from team sessions and classes, personal training sessions, all along with enough space for individual practice. As a bonus, our gym also has a Pilates Class. With a dedicated tutor and regular sessions, this is a class that will benefit many members of our Ladies Gym, and can really add some final touches to any other form of workout.

So, What Is Pilates?

In short, Pilates is an exercise that has been created to help heal injuries incurred from other forms of exercise. It helps bring the muscle and bone back into a fighting form, in a way that is far more effective than months of rest or medication.

For example – you run for ten minutes, you squat, you run again, and then – you just know it – there’s a pain in the ankle. Two days later, that pain becomes too uncomfortable to continue training. You rest the leg, and you curse yourself for not being able to work out.

Pilates helps alleviate that pain and stress in the damaged muscles so much quicker. It is a mild exercise that works in order to get your body back to normal, and functioning at the levels you require.

As A Stand-alone Exercise

Pilates doesn’t have to be incorporated into a current regime – it is an exercise in its own right.

Members from all age groups can benefit by learning and practising the art of Pilates. It can strengthen core muscle groups, improving balance and overall fitness. It is also of great medical benefit for those that suffer from joint problems and back pain, and has been proven to be mighty helpful with those that suffer from osteoporosis.

As A Post Workout

Every exercise routine should consist of a pre and post workout.

Stretching our arms and legs, and getting our body prepared for the workout to come is a golden level of advice that has never been proven false. It is a rule that should always be followed, and one that can, not only prevent injury, but also help increase your stamina and have you work harder with better overall results.

Likewise, when we finish our workout, we are told to rest and stretch.

Pilates helps in both cases. Both pre and post workout. And, it helps continue our exercise in a way that we wouldn’t normally imagine. While any form of mild exercise is beneficial to getting our muscles and bones back in form, and preventing the pains that can sometimes occur the following day, Pilates helps in a greater way – in that, it is a recognised exercise in itself and therefore, gets us fitter than ever.

Peaceful Surroundings

Or gym is situated in a very scenic area within the Darley Abbey Mills. We are based on the top floor, with expansive views over Darley Park, and the tranquil setting of the mild water crashes over the weir.

We believe that having the correct environment for any exercise is key to success. With Pilates, that statement is even more true. By having an area to relax and to concentrate, the entire Pilates process is made all the more enjoyable with outstanding results.

Pilates Classes Times and Pricing

Our Derby Pilates class is held every other Tuesday, and every Friday at the Ladies Gym Derby. The classes start at 6pm.

Classes are well organised, with a professional tutor overlooking the entire process. Our classes consist of friendly people, determined to better their mind and body via this compelling and proven routine.

Of course, once you have an understanding of Pilates and its techniques, you are free to revise the routine in your own time, whether at home or within the peaceful settings of our gym.

As a member of the Ladies Gym Derby, the Pilates class can be attended for just £1. Why miss out on this offer of completely fulfilling and rounded off your current exercise?

For newcomer and non-members, the class still welcomes you, for just £5. While there, you may also be interested in the wealth of other benefits our gym can offer.