5 Benefits of Pilates

You might not be aware that pilates was initially developed as a rehabilitation tool way back in the 1920s! These exercises classes have grown in popularity over the years across the UK, and in various gyms across Derby. Pilates-based workouts strike the perfect balance between a relaxing and purposeful form of exercise, making them a popular choice for many. But what are the actual benefits to you of attending regular pilates classes?

1. Reduce Stress & Boosted Energy Levels

One of the key benefits of attending regular pilates classes is the long term reduced feelings of stress and anxiety. Not only will the body benefit from a blood-pumping workout, but pilates style workouts are designed to relax and rejuvenate the body, which in turn releases all that built up tension. This is because pilates workouts have a strong focus on your breath, and by increasing the oxygen levels within the blood you trigger the brain to calm down.

Not only this, but you’ll reap the benefits of boosted energy levels! You probably already know that when you exercise, your body releases endorphins – which make you feel great! With the help of pilates, you can improve your circulation, your lung capacity and your overall energy levels! The overall effect? You’ll feel less stressed and calmer within yourself.

2. Improve Your Posture

The next benefit that’ll come as a result of pilates? You’ll improve your posture! Pilates is all about developing and using your core strength to move more efficiently. You’ll find that your abdominals, back, and pelvic floor are heavily used in your classes, and in turn, this allows your muscles in your shoulders, neck, hips and legs relax and move more freely. By using your muscles more efficiently, you’ll prevent muscle fatigue and use less energy! Not only this, but you’ll find your posture is greatly improved as a result.

3. Reduce Back Pain

Do you suffer from back pain? Pilates could be the exercise class for you! Here comes our third benefit of pilates; reduced and preventative back pain. Working in a similar way to improving your posture, Pilates classes help to strengthen the core support muscles for the back, resulting in better alignment of the muscles. It also helps to gently stretch out those tighter back muscles, which can ease and prevent oncoming back pain. However, it’s important to note that if you are suffering from back pain, let your instructor know at the start of the session so that they can adjust any exercises accordingly.

4. Work The Whole Body

The fourth benefit of pilates is that when followed correctly, these exercise classes can work the entire body. Unlike other workouts which are heavily focused on training certain area of the body, pilates doesn’t over or under develop any specific areas of the body. This is because the focus of pilates is the core, and full body fitness – also making it popular for use in rehab treatments!

5. Pilates For Weight Loss

When you commit to attending regular pilates classes, it will change the overall look and feel of your body. Many people associate pilates with achieving stronger muscles and creating a leaner look – and this couldn’t be truer! If you combine your pilates workout with aerobic/cardio activities you’ll burn many more calories than your classic exercise class. When done correctly, you’ll see pilates help to tone and slim down your waist, as well as decreasing your abdomen and hip circumference.

Why not try one of our pilates classes in Derby? Members of our ladies gym in Derby can enjoy a block of 5 weekly sessions for just £10, or non-members for £25. Why not get started today, and start reaping the benefits of Pilates.

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