Finding a Job as a Personal Trainer

Finding gainful employment in today’s day in age is not easy because the job market is more competitive than ever. In most professional fields, those with special skills, higher education, and certifications are more desirable employees. The same applies to personal trainers. Gyms, health clubs, and other businesses are searching for knowledgeable and skilled personal trainers to fill their open positions. However, lucrative job opportunities are not falling out of the sky, no matter how many qualifications you have.

The hunt for a job can feel like an overwhelming and daunting task, but it does not have to be if you approach it with the right attitude. It is amazing by how much a positive attitude can change your outlook. In this chapter, we will discuss the best and easiest ways to find work as a personal trainer, as well as the various industries that are looking for personal trainers.

How to Find Gainful Employment as a Personal Trainer

Finding a job that pays well and is close to home can be easier said than done. Entering the field of personal training can be difficult if you don’t know where to start. Many industries are looking for the services of a professional personal trainer. Personal trainers can find jobs at many more places than just gyms. Now, more than ever, the demand for skilled personal trainers is high. There are many career opportunities out there. The trick is finding one that is a right fit for you. You just have to know where to look.

Using the internet is by far the easiest way to find a job as a personal trainer. You can submit your resume via job sites, such as Monster, without ever having to leave home. Job search sites can open you up to a whole world of job opportunities that are specifically within your local area. Utilizing the power of the web can allow you to find job openings that you otherwise would have not been privy to. Besides job listing sites, you can also check job listings on Craigslist or on social media sites.

Online job sites can allow you to gain detailed information about a job and its requirements before you ever decide to apply. By reviewing jobs online, you will be able to learn about what is expected of you if you should take the position. Plus, the application process through most job sites is quick and easy. Many jobs sites offer free basic features, but do require a fee if you want to use premium features. The old saying about how you have to spend money to make money has never been truer.

Top Online Jobs Sites for Personal Trainers

There are tons of online job sites that have open positions for personal trainers, but not all are created equal. Review the following list of popular job sites that offer employment opportunities for personal trainers.

• Zip Recruiter – Zip Recruiter is by far one of the most popular online job sites that have plenty of personal trainer listings.
• Monster – With Monster, you can search hundreds of job listings specifically for personal trainers.
• Simply Hired – At Simply Hired, you have the ability to filter your job search results.
• Glass Door – Multiple job opening for personal trainers can be found at Glass Door.
• LinkedIn – LinkedIn is a great professional social networking site where you can find opportunities that fill your skills.
• Indeed – Indeed can help you open up doors to personal training jobs in a variety of industries.
• Career Builder – This job site has plenty of personal training listings in a number of different types of businesses.

Don’t forget to look at job postings on Craigslist or in your local newspaper. Jobs ads in printed materials are still an effective way to find potential job opportunities. Also, a simple Google search can provide you with numerous job listings in your local area and across the nation. If you are willing to relocate for your job, be sure to look for work outside of your current zip code.

Non-Traditional Job Search Methods

In addition to typical job search methods, you should be sure to explore non-traditional job search methods to see what type of results you can find. By using non-traditional job search methods, you might find outside of the box job opportunities that you otherwise would have not been privy to. Some non-traditional job search methods include calling local gyms to learn about their openings. If a gym doesn’t have anything available, you should ask the company representative or owner if they are aware of other gyms that might need your services.
Ask family and friends if they know about any jobs that might suit your skillset. One non-traditional job search method that people do not seem to think of is contacting the resource center at the certifying organization you obtained your certification. You would be surprised by how many job leads a certifying organization can have knowledge of.

It is also a viable option to contact fitness bloggers to ask about potential work opportunities. Connecting with other professionals in the personal training field can allow you to have access to success in new and interesting ways. If you have mentors in the personal training sectors, check with them to see if they are aware of any gyms, clubs, or other businesses that need the services of a professional personal trainer.

Potential Careers for Personal Trainers

In terms of career fields, there are many options for personal trainers to take advantage of. While gyms are the most notorious place to find work as a personal trainer, it is not the only career path you can follow. Don’t be afraid to investigate all of your career options to explore everything that is available to you. When looking for a job as a personal trainer, consider the following career paths.

• High End Coaching – High end personal training coaches have the potential to make exponential amounts of cash if they find the right clients. The amount of earnings you can expect in this field can vary on factors such as how many clients you take on. Surprisingly, the need for knowledgeable high end coaches is growing rapidly like wildfire. Entering this career field has never been easier, and the potential for growth is only expected to grow. Entering the high end coaching field can allow you to enjoy being your own boss. Whether you work full time or part time is completely up to you. Designing work outs, monitoring progress, and strong nutritional guidance are all a part of high end coaching. A high energy personality and some level of psychology training can be helpful in achieving advancement in this career field. While high end coaching can be a great career path to follow, creating a complete list of clients can be one of the biggest challenges. Special certification, education, or training can be key in setting you apart from other coaches.
• Gym or Club Manager – For those seeking consistent and reliable employment, becoming a gym or club manager can be a viable option. Management positions are not jobs that are easy to snag because they can be few and far between. However, a personal trainer lucky enough to land one of these positions will find themselves privy to tons of job benefits. Many clubs and gyms chose to hire managers from within their current staff pool. Consider getting a position at a gym or club you are interested in managing. Be sure to learn all of the employment duties of the manager and do your best to exhibit strong management skills. With time and dedication, your employers are sure to see your management potential. Be upfront and honest when you are hired about your management desires. Make sure that there is the potential for advancement before settling on a club or gym.
• Gym, Club, or Health Business Owner – Some people are meant to be managers while other people are meant to be business owners. Running your own fitness studio, gym, or health club requires at least some professional business knowledge. This is one career field where having a business degree or any kind of professional training can be useful. Owning and operating your own business is not a career for every personal trainer. However, the income potential of owning your own business can be tempting incentive.
• Clinical Setting Work – Working in a clinical setting requires an interest and knowledge about the science of the human body. With clinical setting careers, you will more than likely need educational training in a specialized field. Clinical setting careers can include physical or occupational therapists, clinical or athletic trainers, or injury rehabilitation specialists. Additional certification and special licenses may be needed to be considered for a position in a clinical setting. While personal training is an unregulated industry, joining the clinical setting field requires proper training and education. However, clinical positions can provide job security as well as a high income potential.
• Consulting – Personal training consulting can be done in a variety of ways, which is one of the reasons it is such an appealing career choice. Consultants can focus on one on one mentoring and training, or they can opt to create training programs for gyms. With the recent technological advancements, consulting can be even a work from home position.

How to Find a Personal Trainer Job that is the Right Fit for You

With so many different job opportunities as a personal trainer, it can be difficult to decipher which career path would be the best fit. Just because you have the proper certifications for a career does not mean that you will be happy in the long run. It is always best to choice a job that makes you happy. Ask yourself the following questions before deciding on a career path.

• Do I have the right skillset that is required for this job?
• Do the job hours work well with my schedule?
• Is there room for advancement?
• What is my income potential?
• What size of a company do I feel comfortable working for?
• What are my goals for this job?
• How much supervision or management is involved?
• How many responsibilities will I face on a daily basis?
• What type of clients would I be working with?

Deciding which personal trainer job would be the right fit for you can be overwhelming, especially for those who aren’t sure what type of personal training career they would like to enter. Don’t be afraid to try on a job to see if it is a good fit. Think of your potential job as clothing. You wouldn’t wear a shirt that was too small or too large because you would not feel comfortable. Just like you wouldn’t wear clothing that didn’t fit, you shouldn’t work at a job that is not a good fit for you. Explore your various options, and feel free to try on a few of the jobs to see what works best for you.


While personal training jobs are not falling out of the sky, there are still plenty of viable options out there. Learn as much information as possible about a job before you decide to apply. You should not settle for a job that pays you less than what you deserve, nor should you accept a job that is above your skill-set. As a personal trainer, you will always have room to grow, but you should not bite off more than you can chew. Research the various career fields where personal trainers are wanted. Be picky when accepting a personal training job. There is nothing wrong in wanting to be associated with the best companies and facilities.

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