Most Overrated Exercises

Advice from Professional Trainers

Everyone wants to stay in shape, but not everyone can have the luxury of a personal trainer. As well, we all want to find workouts that will fit into our hectic schedules. We want to get the best possible workout in a limited time frame. So it would be beneficial to know exactly which exercises we should keep in our workout routine to get maximum results.

We have conferred with professional trainers to find out which exercises are the most overrated. We are certain that some of the answers may shock you. It turns out that trending workouts such as kettlebell routines, sit-ups, and burpees are not highly overrated. Continue reading to find out what exercises you should avoid and why they are not as beneficial as you would think.

Most Overrated Exercises: Straight from Personal Trainers

Barbell Deadlift

While this workout can be extremely effective, it is way too advanced for the average person. For one thing, you need at least one spotter to ensure your safety. In addition, this type of lifting can lead to serious back and hip injury if not properly executed. Barbell deadlifts are best left to those who wish to be professional lifters and have a highly qualified personal trainer.

Box Jumps

Another exercise that has become increasingly popular over recent years is box jumps. While they can be quite fun, and challenging, they actually do not add muscle or improve strength. So what benefit is there to this type of workout, other than to impress your mates? Nothing, really, in fact, box jumps can result in ruptured Achilles and other injuries.


Sure, burpees burn a lot of calories, but are they worth the risk of injury?  Burpees have been one of the most trending workouts for quite some time. However, most people actually dread the burpee as much as they despise push-ups, jumping jacks running laps and sit-ups. In fact, this highly overrated exercise is why a lot of people avoid working  And who can blame them? Burpees are hard!

Elliptical Machine

Many professional trainers will tell you to avoid this popular workout routine. While many use the elliptical machine to strengthen their knees, the risk of knee injury far outweighs the benefits. As well, contrary to what people think, it is nearly impossible to achieve a beneficial cardiac or aerobic workout solely by using this type of gym equipment.

Hot Exercise Classes

Hot Yoga is the hottest workout now (excuse the pun!) Sure, yoga and Pilates are synonymous with the phrases “cleanse” and “detox.” but are they as beneficial as they claim to be?  Sure, you sweat more during these heat intensified workouts, but does that make it more effective? Working out in a room that is 90 degrees (or higher) with a rate of 40% humidity is extremely dangerous. As well, there is no scientific evidence to prove that these workouts are actually beneficial.

Kettlebell Swings

Another popular exercise that is not what it appears to be is the Kettlebell Swing. This workout can cause back injury if not properly executed. The risk of permanent spinal cord and back injury far outweighs the benefit of the workout.

Roman Chair Back Extension

This type of workout is another one that can lead to permanent spinal damage. The level of resistance creates intense pressure on the spine. As well, the intervertebral disc is exposed to dangerous levels of compression. The amount of muscle gain from this workout is not worth the risk of spinal injury.

Seated Leg Extensions

As the bulk of the weight of the seated leg extension is located near the ankles, it puts an immense amount of pressure on the knee. This can lead to torn cartilage and ligaments of the knee. As we all know, knee injuries, as well as back injuries are nothing to mess with. This type of workout is certainly not worth the level of risk involved.


Sit-ups have been the one of the most popular exercises for years. However, it has been proven that sit-ups can lead to injuries such as nerve damage, neck or back injury and herniated disc. The purpose of the sit-up is to tone and strengthen the abdominal muscle. In reality, the abdominal muscle stops working after 30 degrees in a sit-up, making the other 60% of the exercise pointless.