⭐️TOTAL TONE 9.15-10AM
⭐️GROUP PT 10-11AM & 11.15-12.15PM (Book in advance)
⭐️GROUP PT 6-7PM (Book in advance)
⭐️LEGS, BUMS AND TUMS 10-10.45am
⭐️KETTLE BELLS 7-7.30pm
⭐️PILATES 6.45-7.40PM (book in advance)
⭐️GROUP PT 7-8PM (Book in advance)
⭐️GROUP PT 10-11AM & 11.15-12.15PM (Book in advance)
⭐️CIRCUIT CLASS 6.30-7.15pm
⭐️GROUP PT 6.30-7.30pm (Book in advance)

Whether you are looking to tone up, increase strength or get fitter The Tone Zone boot camp is just for you.

Here at The Tone Zone, we always make sure our clients are happy and comfortable, our gym is very private and has a relaxed atmosphere making it a great place to gain your body confidence!
Boot camp is limited to 8 spaces to ensure each participant gets their one to one time with our personal trainer.

Contact Cherie today to reserve your place and get that body you deserve!

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