Eat Your Way to a Healthier Body: Nutrition Plans

If a nutrition plan is one way you’d like to achieve your weight loss goals, then Tone Zone’s nutritionist in Derby has got the answer. With specific, targeted advice on the best foods to consume and avoid, as well as how to structure your eating schedule and get the best results from your daily calorie intake, this step-by-step nutrition e-book for the women of Derby has all the hints, tips and advice you need to start feeling great from the inside out.

Everyone knows that part of leading a healthy lifestyle is making positive food choices, and taking time to think about what you eat. But eating the right nutrients can also help you to achieve your fitness goals, even if weight loss isn’t one of them. Here at Derby ladies’ gym, our nutritionist has worked hard to create a useful, accessible and easy-to-follow plan that can be adapted to suit any fitness aims, from toning up to increasing overall fitness levels, as well as the more traditional slimming goals.

Many people don’t realise the impact different food groups have upon your body’s ability to function. By making small changes to the vitamins and minerals you consume, as well as keeping an eye on the calories, you can effectively complement your physical efforts to achieve a greater rate of success.

But what kinds of changes are we talking about? To ensure our nutritionist’s plan offers Derby women maximum flexibility and enjoyment, we focus on three key areas:

What your body needs

Each person is unique, and will need subtly different ratios of foods in order to maximise the effectiveness of the nutrition plan. Women tend to consume fewer carbohydrates than men, and also need fewer calories per day. Your initial fitness and general level of activity will also have an impact, as those with an active job will not have the same requirements as those with a more sedentary role.

What your goals are

Nutrition plans work fantastically for women no matter what they want to achieve, but different goals require different changes to diet: those wishing to slim down will not, for instance, need the same proportion of carbohydrates and fats as someone training for a marathon.

What you enjoy eating

It’s all very well being given a nutrition plan with recipes and meal ideas, but if none of the suggestions appeal then you’re highly unlikely to stick to it.

Of course, your nutritionist-approved plan can’t solely focus on the foods you love, but if you’re not so keen on fish, prefer fruit to vegetables, or can’t stand rice, then it makes sense to plan suggestions that take those preferences into account. That’s why each e-book offers a wide range of products to try – and who knows, you might even discover a new favourite ingredient!

The plan is carefully centred around adapting your consumption of the key food groups, all of which provide your body with a variety of its daily nutrients. By reducing or increasing your intake of these groups, you encourage your body to use them more effectively.

Some of the key food groups we get Derby ladies to focus on are highlighted below:

Protein Power

Protein is well-known thanks to the shakes and bars favoured by body builders and others hoping to increase their muscle mass, but with good reason. Protein both enables you to create muscle more effectively, and also has the added benefit of helping you to feel fuller for longer, reducing your chances of snacking unwisely.

Protein is also the main food group responsible for helping your body to repair – ideal after a tough session at the gym. If you’re hoping to tone up, protein is a food group you’ll want to get on first-name terms with. Nutritionists love protein for the great range of benefits it offers, and now Derby women can find out for themselves just how effective it can be!

Sugar Avoidance

Sugar is a form of carbohydrate – the main source of energy for your body – but any excess carbs are changed into fat and stored; not a situation many of us like to contemplate.

Of course, no one is ever going to really suggest you give up sugar altogether (not yet, anyway!), especially as – like salt – it’s in so many processed foods that going cold turkey would be a huge challenge. Instead, it’s about trying to reduce your intake by making easy swaps – like switching to diet drinks, taking tea and coffee without sugar (or less sugar, if you tend to plump for spoonfuls in the plural). And it’s not just your physique that will thank you for it – your teeth will too.

Fibre Increase

Fibre has a number of uses, notably its ability to keep your stomach feeling full and its efficacy in helping you empty those parts of your digestive system which are somewhat lower down. Increasing your fibre intake can help you to lose weight and stop that snacking habit from pushing you off the wagon.

Calorie Intake

Although not a food group – calories are garnered from everything you consume – this is by far the most well-known intervention people know about. It’s the cornerstone for many diets, including the 5:2 method and national weight-loss programs. A typical adult should consume around 2,000 calories a day in order to cover their basic bodily running costs – that is, to provide enough energy to keep their heart, lungs, brain and other organs functioning, as well as to give them the energy to complete daily tasks.

When you eat calorie-rich foods – such as fatty, fried, sugary and processed products -you’re taking on more calories than your body needs, so the excess (in the form of carbohydrates) is converted to fat and stored in case you ever need it. Therefore if you’re looking to shed some pounds, one of the most effective ways to do this is by reducing the amount of calories you consume, forcing your body to use up your stored calories instead.

For the ladies of Derby, each nutritionist e-book gives you the appropriate ratios of each food group depending on your goal. It will also provide suggestions for foods which fall into each group, and meal ideas as well as snack options, so no matter where you are or what you’re up to, you can keep making the right food choices to help you stay on plan.

Save pounds today!

We’re not just talking about weight here, either. If you think the key to your fitness goal is through food, and you’re in the Derby area, this nutritionist plan could be just the ticket. Sign up for your e-book today and get this fabulous foodie resource for just £29.99 instead of the usual price of £39.99 – an amazing saving of 25%.

By sourcing all the advice from our own gym nutritionist, Derby women ensure they’re getting practical tips from someone who knows what it’s like and how to maximise your food journey to complement your physical one. Get your copy of this great guide to nutrition planning, and start that journey today!

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